Monday, November 10, 2014

2 the 9's in Ignite Your Fashion Passion Fashion Show in August 2014

Well, it would seem RL stole me away for a while, how very rude.  And I didn't even get to blog about the amazing fashion show in August at the Olympus Lightning Sim where I released my new gowns, Harlow's Desire, Fay's Temptation and the gown for all you Girl's On Fire out there, "Out of the Flames".  Check out the separate posts for those here but first, you simply must check out the fashion show on

Avante Modeling Agency Ignite Your Fashion Passion with Gizza, Sabra Style, NV Jewlery, WAI and 2 the 9's

The Avante Model's were amazing, I just cannot say enough about the job they did!  Wow.  The show featured 4 fashion designers and one new mesh jewelry maker, Gizza, Sabra Style, 2 the 9's and WAI with NV Jewelry for whom we made the Harlow Gown to match one of their stunning pieces (seen in the artwork for our ad in BOSL below:

Don't miss the new fashions on our marketplace or at our main store on Olympus Lightning with iMoogi and Avante, or on the BOSL Boulevard sims.

All our fashions have demo versions and fat packs!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Harlow's Desire

Harlow's Desire was made for the jewelry you see worn here.  Created by NV Jewelry, the piece was just too stunning to not have a glittering gown made in its honor.  Yes, these gowns actively glitter and the gloves are mesh with a HUD to change the hand positions.  Change them to match or have each hand posed differently!

Available in 8 rich colors, Harlow's Desire also has a demo version and a fat pack!

Get this gown on Second Life's Marketplace, Click Here.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Out of the Flames lets you be the Girl On Fire!

This amazing gown comes with all you see here and can burst into flames when you want it to!  Out of the Flames was made especially for the Ignite your Fashion Passion show by Avante Modeling Agency on August 17, 2014.

This gown comes in 8 different pattern styles: Phoenix Rising (above), The Devil's Bargain (Update 11/2014: seen in the October 2014 Publisher's Note of Roleplay Guide Magazine), At the Disco, This Girl's On Fire, Cherry Bomb, Rave Reviews, The Final Frontier and Bejeweled.

As with all our products, there is a demo version and a fat pack available.

Get this gown on the Second Life Marketplace, click here.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Fay's Temptation

A sexy 20's like gown that drapes your sultry curves in silk and lace.  It comes in sheer and opaque versions and is available  eight (8) different colors.  Demo and Fat Pack also available.

Get Fay's Temptation on the Second Life Marketplace, Click Here.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Rhona you alluring vixen ... in hiding ...

A hand embroidered business style dress with pointed skirt and gold trims.  You'll turn heads yet still be that brilliant mind you want to be remembered for.

Get Rhona on the Second Life Marketplace, click here





Tessa oh Tessa, how professional you are.

Professional and classy yet with that hint of sexy that we hate to leave behind even when at work.  The Tessa Peplum Mini Dress is perfect for any professional environment when you want to let them know you mean business.

Click here to catch it on the Second Life Marketplace



Sonya Sonya Sonya ... all wrapped up in silk

... and available on the Second Life Marketplace.

A lucious short skirted wrapped bit of silken splendor complete with jewel and gold encrusted belt and available in 9 rich colors.

Check it out on Second Life Marketplace